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Truluck’s is offering Black River Caviar for a limited time

Now through June 16, Truluck’s is offering Black River Caviar for discernable diners at all locations.

Truluck's Black River Caviar
Credit: Truluck’s

Black River is the world’s first southern hemisphere caviar farm. Their story begins in the 1980’s with a gentleman named Walter Alcalde. His business was based on supplying fishing boats, and because of this, he worked closely alongside several fishermen with ties to Russian sailors. Those sailors introduced him to caviar and it was love at first bite. Soon after, there was a major shift in the caviar industry. Those in the caviar business were among the first to recognize there wasn’t an infinite source of sea life and overfishing was real, as well as rather dangerous. Because of this, they made sustainability and the farming of sturgeon a focus.

Not only did Mr. Alcalde dedicate himself to farming innovation by channeling free-flowing river systems to eliminate the need for electric pumps, but he decided after careful research that Rio Negro in Uruguay was going to be the site for his farm. Origin means a lot when it comes to caviar quality, so the conditions must be just right. The Black River had it all in terms of water quality, climate and basaltic soil. What is basaltic soil you ask? Well, it’s a soil that aids in creating extremely pure water conditions. The water, soil, unique design of the farm, and sustainable feed produce something truly special. There are three different kinds we will feature, and they are very distinct in flavor. You’ll be able to taste the creamy hazelnut in one, while experiencing a creamy sea-like flavor in another. These delectable dishes feature the crème fraiche from Cowgirl Creamery, which is obscenely delicious. 

Reservations can be made via OpenTable or by calling the location of your choosing.

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