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Dine with Jack Daniels at JohnMartin’s 

JohnMartin’s Irish Pub & Restaurant Miami is having the next installment of their exclusive Whiskey Dinner series on Wednesday, July 12 at 7 p.m. 

Dine with Jack Daniels at JohnMartin’s 

JohnMartin’s Whiskey Dinner series is a celebration of traditional Irish eats and exceptional spirits.

This Whiskey Dinner is an interactive tasting experience of JohnMartin’s rare, premium Jack Daniel’s Whiskey collection.

Complete with a five-course prix fixe menu paired with five premium select labels, the tasting will guide you through Jack Daniel’s iconic history. 

July 12 | JohnMartin’s Whiskey Dinner Series: Jack Daniels | $135+pp

Five-course prix-fixe dinner menu crafted by Executive Chef Carlos Aguilera includes: 

  • First Course: Whiskey Lobster with fresh lobster, whiskey glaze, passion fruit puree, confit tomato 
  • Second Course: Beef Tartare with fresh beef, shallots, capers, potato sharf and egg whiskey jame
  • Third Course: Duck Breast with seared duck, potato foam, white asparagus and maple whiskey sauce 
  • Fourth Course: Sticky Ribs with Danish ribs with Jack Daniels glaze, toasted peanuts, apple foam 
  • Fifth Course: Panna Cotta with whiskey panna cotta, milk crunch, citrus cracker, vanilla ice cream and orange gel

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