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Queen Miami Beach Unveils Exquisite 4-Course Summer Menu

Prepare to be enthralled by Queen Miami Beach as she presents her specialty ‘Summer Menu,’ exclusive for the month of July only.

Immerse yourself in an opulent 4-course culinary journey through modern Japanese gastronomic traditions, within an impeccably curated menu of Queen’s cherished classics, all for the discerning price of $135 per person.

Elevate your summer evenings to unparalleled heights and allow the remarkable transformation of the historic Paris Theater to serve as the backdrop for your next dining experience as you indulge in Queen’s carefully-curated 4-course ‘Summer Menu.’

Tantalizing appetizers include the Oishii Prawn CocktailAvocado Tart, and Tomato Salad. Following, Chef will present ‘Queen’s Imperial Platter’ to the table, comprising a curated selection of seasonal sashiminigiri, and maki, A feast for the senses continues with a delectable selection of main courses, featuring Roasted BranzinoQueen FiletEggplant Miso, and Creamed Corn.

Concluding this extraordinary dining experience, revel in the ‘Queen’s Dynasty Experience’ featuring chef’s selection of the most refined desserts.

Let Queen Miami Beach transport you to a realm where culinary artistry, refined tastes, and world-class entertainment converge to redefine the art of fine dining this summer.

WHERE: Queen Miami Beach | 550 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

WHEN: July 1, 2023  – July 31, 2023

**Summer Menu available on all days of operations, during 1st seatings | Tuesday-Saturday, 7PM-9PM. 

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